Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: The Wordy Kind

This remodel is cutting into my Wordless Wednesday mojo.

At least, that is the excuse I'm using for now. I will need to make up a new one when this whole ordeal is over.

It's more than just being devoid of ideas busy with picking out new fixtures, vanities,'s just plain awkward trying to create my Wordless Wednesday posts when there are other people in my house. Let's face it, they are rather weird (my posts, not the people...or maybe they are, I don't know them very well). So, having people glimpse the process and watch me 'work' is just leaving myself open and exposed - I know what they'll be thinking..."maybe her psychiatrist prescribed it as therapy, perhaps we should arm ourselves while we work here..."

I don't even like to create Wordless Wednesdays when my family is home!!

Oh dear...then that means this summer will be Wordless Wednesday-less!!

{this is where you gasp, cry and wail}
{yes, YOU...the one reading this right now}

Oh, oh, oh...EPIPHANY...I can send my kids to live with y'all during the summer! It's a marvelous idea, trust me! I'll work out a schedule so we can ship them around from place to place, since I'm sure that all my lovely readers want in on this offer. I just need a couple of really large boxes and several rolls of packing tape...maybe some snacks, too.

So, who wants to host first?

{nothing but crickets}
{and the sound frantic mouse clicking to navigate away from this blog}

Ok...fine...whatever...your loss if you want to give up the free slave labor lovely company of my two fantabulous teenagers.

Since I'll not be working on Wordless Wednesday today, I'll be picking up a sample of the vanity stain color so that I can take it AND the tile sample to half a dozen places to find a sink top that won't cause my wallet to moan any louder than it already is. I swear that the check-book cried real tears when I wrote out the last check...all those numbers must have hurt. Yeah...I know.

Today will also be a needle free day, which I'm over the moon thrilled with after the last two days of extremely rude poking. Two shots over two days in two different hips - which are now sore and achy. And why did those shots hurt so much? It isn't like I'm not well padded there, good golly they were ouchie. I get a stabby reprieve until Friday when I pay one last visit to the Kaiser Vampires and bid them adieu for an entire year! Starve you blood-thirsty beasts, starve! (that isn't really fair, the Kaiser Vampires are really nice and I know they won't be starving, because they have oodles of other victims patients to siphon off of care for. I must say that they go out of their way to make the whole experience as comfortable and pain free as they can while they drain the life force from your body. I thank them for that).

It's time to get this party started, so I'm off!!!

Happy Hump Day, everyone!


  1. I'll take both your minions ALL summer, they'll have a blast with the goat (and building me muh fence, painting the new goat hut and the new chicken coop, digging rocks out of the garden, washing cars....)

    And do please tell the construction guys *waves* (hiya construction guys) to hury the heck up, some of us are missing you out here in the land of interwebs!

  2. Anonymous11:44 AM

    I have been known to take on teenagers in the past. However, I make no promises regarding my ability to send them back to you in the same condition I received them in.

    A. stands for "gleeful bad influence"

  3. Don't want the teens, as I am working my way up to that age gradually by taking on 2 five (almost six) year olds and one, almost four year old grandkids for the week. Usually, I am with them in their home, but they are getting older. So forgive me for not warping your teens, as I plan to do that over time with my grandkids, kind of like what I did with my daughter.

    Can't wait to see your renovations and hope you took before and after photos. You can be a more personal version of HDTV. Also, I know I will miss your Wordless Wednesdays, as I will miss not spitting whatever liquid I am consuming on the screen of my computer as I laugh at your sassyness.

  4. Emily and I can each take one. Then we will trade mid-summer. So let it be written, so let it be done.

  5. Oh no, and here I thought FOR SURE that the stick figures would get their much deserved hardhats!