Sunday, April 01, 2012

The Time Has Come

Sometimes it feels right - that thing you do. It can make you happy, eager to do it every day or, as often as possible. For some it is exercise, creating art, volunteering in their community or...writing.

Sometimes is feels forced - that same thing, it isn't 'right'. But you preserver and you move forward and you keep doing it, that thing that makes you happy.

Until it doesn't. Until it is a burden, a joyless act. Merely going through the motions to get over the tough spots doesn't work anymore. The desire? The need to express? It's just sort of...gone.

I never thought I'd be here, but I can't make myself care about it anymore...the writing. It's time to move on and time to realize that 'this', as in This n That, isn't coming with me. I read a blog post once that questioned whether bloggers should say their farewells or if it was better to just disappear.

I think the majority of the comments supported some sort of closure, where the blogger bid adieu to their readers - leaving no doubt and closing doors.

It feels as if I've made a connection with my readers, we've shared bits of ourselves: me through my blog and you through your comments.  So, leaving without saying that I'll miss your comments and that part of me will miss coming here to...expose bits and pieces of myself...just seems wrong. I'm going to make it quick, because I'm afraid I'll lose my nerve and not go through with it. But its time...moving on is necessary, it's important...I need to put the writer in me to rest - she's had her say, she's done her time and she's tired.

Be well my friends - I'll miss you.

Farewell posts are hard to write!

This made me a bit emotional.

Too bad I'm not really leaving.

I'm just April Foolin' y'all!
Sorry to get your hopes up.
April NaBloPoMo Starts now!


  1. Well that was a shock...

    You little beggar you....

    I completely forgot it was that day, and so glad that you will not be leaving and that we will still have to make comments on your writing.

    Actually you've just reminded me. I have been coming here for a long time now, 2 weeks... and not once have you been offended at anything I've said, so maybe it's time I did say something naughty, or out of sorts, or just down right .....funny....

    But in truth you are right. (for a change)(has to be first time right ?)

    Your writing has been slipping somewhat, its been rubbish! Tasteless drivel, meandering bilge with no real direction, its been pretty diabolical these past few days to be frank.! What with all the getting all over guest posts, fights between stick Zombie people and miles of pps's all the time. (Which get on my fanny)

    So I am actually leaving you...!!!
    Yup.... Going, never coming back...!!
    Au revoir mon cherie..Adieu... Hasta la vista baby..!!
    Auwfviderzen frau.... Tatty bye dear girl..
    I can't take the rejections any longer.....!!!
    Click..... swivel......BANG....!!!!! (magnum revolver)

    What the F.....

    Get real.... You aint getting rid 'o' me dat easy.....

    Iz a wize guy, and iz a gonna get my kicks as long az derz air inz mi lungz.....sweetie.....Capishe????

    Ps. don't give us frights like this...

    pps. were you locked in a cupboard as a kid ?

    ppppps. WAKE UP..... I'M Still here...


    Uh......where am I? (oh I fell asleep, boring myself too)

    It's a cracker!!!!

    Love ya. lots.

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  3. Anonymous1:52 PM

    It will take me hours to unkink my *stern eyebrows*!

    A. stands for relieved, and still *stern*

    1. Hehehehe (the evil gene was let loose this morning). I think you should visit Fat Head and get yourself a growler to relieve the knitted brow. {{hugs}}

  4. The *snorting coffee out my nose* comment over on FB gave it away but still...WAAA HAA HAAA! Besides, you can't let me off the hook for my guest post (that's not yet been written...hey! At least I have a solid topic).

    1. Funny you should mention the guest post! There is a post on BlogHer about doing guest posting. I thought it was about how to HOST, but it is about why you SHOULD. I'll have to read it, because I'm too shy to guest post. got any idea WHEN that fabulous guest post will be ready? I'm looking forward to reading it!