Wednesday, March 07, 2012


 My creativity has taken an unscheduled sabbatical, it would seem - despite not filling out the proper paperwork OR getting my permission.

So, Wordless Wednesday is temporarily on hold, as are other forms things interesting. 

Until then, I leave you with a little story.

Happy Wednesday, my faithful friends!!



“Do you think She’ll ever come down?”  said the child to the mother. 
“No, I don’t think She will” the mother replied.
Why can she fly and how did she get her wings?” the small voice asked, full of wonder.
“Well”, said the mother, “I suppose no one ever told her that she couldn’t. If you look very closely you can see her wings are made of words.”
The child’s eyes grew large with interest, “They are? What do the words say?”
“Things like: Yes, you can and Of course you are smart enough and I’m proud of you. I suspect there are many more” the mother said, “that's just the beginning.”
“Do you think”, pondered The Child, “that I will ever grow wings and fly like her?”
“I have no doubt that you will”, she smiled to her child, “I believe in you.”


  1. Hubbypants12:39 PM

    Well, I can't fly and now I can't hardly walk.

  2. I miss your writing but this was wonderful and I wish you would be wordless more often :-)

  3. Dammit! Now you have me all teary.

  4. Great blog thanks for posting this.