Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Fog

While I wait to find out what sort of nefariousness is at work in my body (blood test GALORE, thank ya very much...damn Vampires stocked up their bar with me), I'm open to suggestion on new hobbies.

Everything I want to do costs money.

While I like spending money, it probably isn't the most prudent thing to do right now.

So, the following might have to wait a bit...

*archery lessons
*drawing classes
*singing lessons
*cooking classes
*sword-fighting lessons (part of my Zombie Apocalypse survival plan - oh...must see if Target sells swords)
*Zepplin Piloting classes (you NEVER know when an emergency will strike and you have to take over flying a giant blimp)

I just need a little bit of help deciding what to do. I'm not ready for a job - I'm sure a potential employeer would like someone with a little less brain fog.  

And, while I am in complete awe of Elaine and her Derby Quest, it just isn't for me.

So, what's a gal to do?  

Join a book club?
Volunteer at the library?
Become a museum tour guide?
(yeah, that would be great thing for The Girl Who Can't Remember Shit to do!)
 Take up surfing? (Naaa -I'm not stupid, I saw Jaws! Plus, me in a bathing suit? HELLO!!!)
 Create a super secret Super Hero society?
Become a vigilante? 
Learn calligraphy and make those super cool illuminations?  

I want to do something, but I just don't know what. 

I need something to get me involved, get me away from the house, engaged with people and learning something new...whether it be something about the world at large or myself.  

And it needs to be easy...'casue that is all I have the brain power for these days.

Hello...is this thing on?
As soon as the doctors tell me there is nothing wrong with me and that it is all in my head, I'll be back to write something interesting. Maybe even witty.

No I won't, 'cause I'll be pouting.

Maybe I need guest posts to keep this blog alive. Peeps to write FOR me, who are hi-lar-eee-us. I've got several of them (ahem...Jane and Melanie and a whole slew of others).

Oops, got ahead of myself with the p.'s and now have nothing left to say.


  1. I love your list! I think you should take-up surfing so I can vicariously live through you.

    Does your local library have a book club? That might be cool to check-out. I know the art gallery in our city holds drop-in nights were you pay small fee for supplies. And you can create the night away :)

    The possibilities are endless! Now about those zombies...

  2. I still say you should organize fundraisers, but you WON'T LISTEN to me.

    So how much of a challenge do you want? Are you looking for a sit on the butt activity or an oh my I can't possibly move another muscle activity? Do you like to create something, or not so much?

    Whatever it may be it should tie into your blog, as you're perfect at that (even when it's all foggy). Maybe become a reviewer of stuffs. Or a how-to-er.

    Or you could just say screw it all and come cook and edit for me.

    Im no help and quite aware of it. <3

  3. I vote surfing. Or boogie boarding! Do they do that where you live? Benefits include killer triceps, back and chest definition. AND if you happen to be a member of The Stretch Mark Club (like, say, ME) you can lay down on the board so no one can see. OR wear a wetsuit. Win-win, right? Barring that, a superhero clubs would be all kinds of awesome. My daughter asked me recently why there are only superheroes in books. Clearly I have overlooked and important aspect of her education.

    I hope your fog lifts, soon, sweet lady.

  4. I think you should start a superhero club and then write a book about it.
    I'm going to be starting a creativity journal so I can start better focusing my energy. So kind of like a scrap book, but I'm going to use supplies and inspirational finds that I don't have to buy, you know?

  5. And thank you for mentioning me!! :)

  6. The superhero club does sound pretty awesome. But...I thought superheroes live cloaked in secrecy? How would you find The Others?

    And I'd be happy to guest post for you *laughing*. Although you build me up as hilarious and, well, I haven't been much funnies of late :).

  7. I would love to dip my toe into the water of guest-posting with you, my sweet, although it scares me (in a kinda good way). Maybe we could trade posts?
    Let me get back to you on hobby suggestions. My latest hobby is eating caramel cake, and although fun, I may need to invest in a wardrobe one size up. Guess every hobby involves some $$$ :(