Thursday, January 05, 2012

My Nook

I'd like a nook.

Not the one you read with, but one you read IN.

While sitting on the love-seat in my family room last night (reading to keep up with my 2012 challenge), my mind started drifting - as is often the case - toward all things cozy, cottage-like and small.

My house isn't large, sitting at just under 1,700 sq. ft. Yet, sometimes it feels huge, other times (while de-cluttering) I could swear it balloons to the Taj Mahal.

Anyway...I decided to light the half dozen candles that sit near the fireplace (which is never used for anything other than burning candles once a year) and then decided to light all the other candles I had sitting out...rounding up to a full dozen.

It completely changed the mood.

And then....

Then...I started envisioning my reading space. Or gazing space. Whichever.

A reading nook that holds a window. There is an oversize chaise and small side table that holds a jar of pens and a notebook which sits ready to collect my bloggy thoughts and ideas. Next to it my drink of choice at the moment (coffee, tea, wine, whiskey...enough space to hold all four cups/glasses depending on the type of day I've had)

The alcove is secluded, with gauzy draperies that stand watch at the gate between reality and the world where time stops and there is nothing but window gazing and turning pages.

Chilly days require the handmade lap quilt lovingly made by a friend (hint, hint...anyone?) that envelops me in warmth. It's a crazy quilt, mis-matched patters and quirky colors.  My personality sewn into's me. And it's heavy, weighted like the quilts of olden times.

When dark comes my space is lit by a small, delicate lamp that sits above my head and casts just enough light to read. The chair side table just big enough to hold a few small candles. When my eyes need a break from reading I'll gaze at these candles who, just for me, will start to shimmy and dance - a little show during my reading intermission.

Now, if I really had my way, this space would be in my Gypsy wagon.  I have it all designed and planned out. I just need to convince Hubbypants to build it for the backyard...with electricity.

I have more imaginary spaces and perhaps I'll share them sometime.

What about you? 
Do you have a space that lives in your imagination?


  1. Oooh-oooh! I LOVE imaginary spaces. This one is just beautiful and fits you like a glove. Here's to a reading nook/Gypsy wagon filled with flickering candles, quilts, and time to read for hours.

  2. Pull up a chair, Melanie - there's room for more!

  3. oh i want a nook almost exactly like yours, just replace the chair with a couch so i can lie down and read when the mood strikes. also if we could make it invisible to all eyes under the age of say 13 that would be good ;)

  4. Frances - YES! It has magical properties that toddler, teenagers, spouses and significant others cannot penetrate - unless invited. :-)

  5. I have a dream nook, except mine is outside, under a tree, with soft plush grass and lots of dandy-lions. Little candles floating from the branches, fluffy blankets, and NO SNAKES. PS. I quilt terriably butttttt....

  6. I really want your hubby to build that for you.
    Me? I want a desk in a small room. I want the desk to take up one whole wall, and have built-in shelves. I want to be surrounded by my books and office supplies and everything else I find inspiring. Behind me, I want a small couch. And a lamp. And one window with a window seat. That is all.

  7. Your room sounds exquisite :) and like the perfect place to read and think. *hugs*

  8. Mmmmm. Yes, imaginary rooms are lovely. Especially when they're warm, and child-free and full of beautiful fragile magical things. My imaginary room is a window seat in a room without walls and never-changing bars of sunshine. And one of those crocheted blankets with holes through which I can wiggle my fingers and toes while thinking. I need to get back there, soon.

  9. Emily - sounds delightful. I love to be outside, but then I want to be IN escape the flies and bees. And perhaps the snakes. We don't have much trouble with them here.

    Laine -Ah, the window seat...yes, I would love one. We've thought about doing that in our front bay window. Maybe some day.

    Karen - I know! I guess it's possible to create a thinking space no matter where you are.

    Desi - I have several of those blankets, made by my mother-in-law. They are nice to curl up with, for sure!

  10. Oh! Oh! Oh! A gypsy wagon with a cozy nook in it! That sounds so delightful and perfect.

    I'd make a quilt for you if I knew how.