Friday, January 13, 2012


The mountain, she believed, was made of fulfilled dreams she could only wish for...
All of which lived at the very top. 
Out of her reach.
Scaling the mountain, she thought, was only for the strong and the quick.
The top could only be reached by the smart and the brave.
And so she watched as others climbed, convinced the journey for them was enchanted, 
making it ever so easy...for them.
While she watched, she noticed the climbers sometimes fell, 
especially those who took the shortest path.
Straight up, it seemed, was not the only way to the top.
It was the path that wound around, 
switchbacks that sometimes detoured to other paths.
A journey of twists and turns where she suddenly found herself at the top, 
gazing down at a life fulfilled. 
The dreams, she realized, were not found at the top, 
but gathered along the way.

(Disclaimer: if it seems disjointed and incomplete, I wrote as I drew...
so it IS disjointed and incomplete.
Or, rather, unedited...mostly.)


  1. Anonymous12:34 PM

    I love when artists use their words visually also.

    A. stands for Aliesha, and also, too, admiring

  2. This is totally freaking good! I love it!

  3. Anonymous5:15 PM

    This is glorious! I loved it. WOW!!

  4. I love this! Very Inspiring! We all have our path and sometimes the quickest way is not the best road to travel.

  5. LOVE. Just so good, Melissa. Mountains are a big part of my life right now, for so many reasons, and yours is beautifully resonant. I'm so glad I checked in over here, today!

  6. Lovely. Just lovely. I need to remember the last two lines.

  7. Anonymous12:11 AM

    Very well written :) .. sometimes I feel you write for me!