Monday, January 02, 2012

2012, Please Hold.


Welcome to 2012, Day 2.

My world is going to stand still for just one more day, the last day of school vacation.

I've got some ideas for future blog posts, some resolutions to bring to life, goals to meet and an ever present, constantly growing, To-Do list that needs tackling.

But all of it is going to wait, just one more day - so that time can take a break from its insistent marching.

Happy New Year!


  1. Graylin9:55 AM

    Is one of those resolutions to start on your first book? I'm just wondering. Hoping. Anticipating. Belaboring. :)

    First book or not, I'm sure whatever you do is going to be kickass. Business as usual. Happy New Year!

  2. Been missing my AlienBody girl. Yep, we took a vote and you are writing a book this year. I am officially informing you. :-) Don't shoot the messenger.