Thursday, December 29, 2011

Banning the Tick Tock Today

The clock tells me it's 12:17 p.m. I knit my eyebrows together and frown, because the boxy construct of time is meaningless today. I refuse to feel as if it applies to me.

Not today it doesn't.

It's easy to do, get bogged down by the 'should have' of time, as in not wasting it. The should NOT have' stayed up until 3am reading or should have gotten up earlier than 10am and should get something accomplished.


And phooey.

This is the last Thursday of my kid's vacation from school -  the cusp of routine, responsibility and normalcy are breathing down our necks.

And I don't want any of that creeping in on my day.

We all slept late, including the extra teenager I acquired yesterday, a friend of the Girl Child. She likes to eat, so she was allowed to sleep inside and not out with the critters of the night. I'm a kind and benevolent host, I am.

My house now smells of bacon, cheesy eggs and sesame bagels with drippy butter. This is holiday food, or weekend food...whichever.

And so, breakfast is consumed when most people are finishing lunch.

The T.V. is on and we watch as Wile E. Coyote strikes out, yet again, in his quest for roasted Road Runner. Bugs is being the ever present bane of Yosemite Sam's existence and Tweety is shaking his tail feathers at Sylvester all the while the Boy Child giggles and I comment on the admirable tenacity of Mr. Coyote - you really have to admire his commitment.

Going to the movies to see Mission Impossible is being tossed around, but if I look up the showings then I'll start hearing the tick-tock, the creeping in of slavery to the numbers that tell us when we 'should' do whatever it is we want/need to do .

Sigh...I guess it is inevitable.

And, I guess that a slave to movie showings isn't exactly like the blaring reality of school starting again soon. So, I'll check the times and we'll be there as we 'should'.

While I'm at it, I might as well put on my rose colored glasses because with the new year comes the downhill slide toward summer vacation - when time stands still, at least for a day or two, until the "I'm Bored" starts and a whole different kind of 'we should go to...' enters our lives.

I wish you all a tick-tock free moment in your day (or a whole day, if you can manage).



  1. We've been having breakfast at lunch time, getting dressed in the mid-afternoon (if at all) and eschewing most things healthy for days now. Three cheers for holidays! And for suspension of reality! We do all need a bit of that, sometimes.

  2. I am SO behind on reading!

    The tick tock of reality, for me, was/is best symbolized by the 60 Minutes stop watch on Sunday evenings. I still can't hear it without just a little droop of disappointment that play time is over. *sigh* Back to the grind tomorrow.

  3. I savor those tick-tock free moments.