Friday, September 16, 2011

What does YOUR shelf have to say?

Oh, Friday - How I love you so!

Except for today.

I'm not loving THIS Friday as much.

I'd love you more if you were a DIFFERENT Friday.

A Friday that didn't involve me working for 2 1/2 (that's TWO. AND. A. HALF) hour at the middle school dance tonight.

I'd love you so much more, Friday, if you didn't come with that kind of baggage.

Did I mention that it was HOURS?

And so, because I need to go buy some soda and candy to jack all them tweeney/teeny boppers up so that they can tap into the over-the-top muchness that teens are so known for, I am going to make this a quick post.

A little tour of the reading habits of the inhabitants of my domicile (Melissa has been using her thesaurus like a BIG girl!).



Son's night stand & personal book shelf

Daughter's night stand. No need to bother with the
shelves in her room - if there were any books there they'd
just asphyxiate from the dust.

Yes daughter, Nabby kitteh is looking at you and saying,
"Tsk tsk"

And while Hubbypants hasn't really expanded his reading interest beyond brewing stuff, I'm not complaining, because he makes yummylicious beer - so he can read all he wants to about it!

And while Son has all those books stacked up on his nightstand because he went on a buying binge when Borders closed, he will read them...some day. Yes, I do believe he owns every book that Tokien wrote and so far he's only made it through the Hobbit (which he claims I MUST read). Apparently, I need to introduce son to MY own MUST read shelf again.

And now we come to mom, ME, who's shelf is a disheveled mix of have-read and want-to-read.

I'm working on it...don't rush me.

What does YOUR shelf have to say?

Peace & happy Weekend!!!


  1. pbbbbbttttttt I rad this book in August!

  2. Anonymous4:12 PM

    I love this idea of taking photos of their tables like that. :) Neat. Thanks for coming over to my site earlier. There are so many blogs at these blog hops I feel like I miss some awesome people.

  3. the post! Would love you to join in Wacky Weekend Hop! Follow back @ and on facebook @ Thanks!

  4. What a great post. I love the photos and kittys look is priceless! I actually do not have that many shelves at home. However the ones I do have are pretty dusty, not sure what that says about me...

    I also want to Thank You for dropping by my blog! Have a continued lovely weekend. :-)

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  6. Okay, so I tried to subscribe to your blog, because I don't always see your new posts on Twitter. And I want to see your new posts!
    Do you have an RSS feed url? Or a "click to subscribe" type button? Message me and let me know, please!

  7. Great post! I love the pictures of all the shelves. Unfortunately, my shelf is gathering some dust right now. My cat is judging me too. I'm cool with it though.

  8. Thanks for joining my Wacky Weekend Hop! You now have me thinking I need to clean off my nightstand! LOL...

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  10. Cute way to SHOW your family.

    Found you from the Blog hop.