Thursday, September 22, 2011

Doodles are Oodles of fun - more than noodles or poodles even!

Ok...listen up, people...

This is important stuff.

Y'all need to write those political-law maker-get shit done people who think up all those rules that we all pretend to live by (and ignore, like speed limits and 5 minute loading zone parking) and you need to ask them to drop whatever they are doing and pass one very, VERY important law.

All restaurants must - MUST - under penalty of DEATH (or just being glared at with really stern eyebrows) provide tables topped with doodle paper.

If the World doodled more (and no...this is NOT a euphemism for diddle - which IS a euphemism for something naughty) then the World would be a much happier place.

Alright, perhaps if the whole World diddled more then...maybe...

O.k., really? You had to go there...this is a family friendly post, you should be ashamed.

Well, just wash them thoughts right outta your head, because this is just about doodling...that may involve nekkid-ness, as in butts.

My family went to dinner tonight.

Straight from butts to dinner...'cause that's how I roll.

They gave us doodle paper.

And since there were teenagers present, the content was PG, so at least we'll be allowed back in!

Yay us!!

Overview of the enormity of it all - you can click on it and enlarge it and blink rapidly as much as you want, but it won't get any clearer.

I'm right handed, irritatingly so.
Writing with my left hand is very reminiscent of my kindergarten penmanship.
Also, this was a conversation with my 13 year old daughter.
She thinks I'm a little unique (but she uses the word 'weird', same diff).

It was my reply of, "Shut don't go up!" where the 'weird' comment was first flung into the arena.
Apparently teenagers have a problem processing genius statements.
Like, duh.

Teenage daugther thinks she's all-that-and-a-bag-of-chips.
And, apparently, Blogger has a mind of its own and
feels that italics and underlining are important right now
even though all I wanted to say is that I know I spelled 'daughter' wrong.
I can't make it go away!

And then it comes to this...
I warned you...
But hey...they didn't ban us.
Of course, we did leave a nice tip...
And left before they could tell us to never come back.



  1. Anonymous3:06 PM

    I think that would be awesome, and some of the best should be posted for all to see!

  2. I have a whole coffee table covered with doodle paper at my house. Seriously, I do! It's one of those child-led learning things for developing fine motor skill, blah, blah, blah. The kids love it.
    And, yes, every restaurant should have some, too :)

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