Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Whatever comes next....

When a beloved family member finally decides that the current life is just too much to bear...

When they have had too much of a relentless illness...

When they just want some relief and peace...

They leave their bodies and travel to a somewhere we won't know until our time comes.

If we are lucky, we can accompany them as far as earthly bounds allow. Regardless of how painful it is to witness.

We can let them know we love them...

And hold their hands...

And speak words that will never be enough...

We can assure them that we'll honor their wishes...and we will...honor them.

We carry on.

Ushering a loved one into whatever comes next is among the hardest things those of that are left behind will ever do.

I'm not sure what I'm trying to say.

But what I want you to take away from this post is that it is so important to just think about what it must be like to walk a mile in the shoes of someone who is struggling.

Even if you don't think the hardship is...well...hard - at least at the time.

You may realize, when you are in the throws of your own turmoil, that you wish you could have been more supportive...or compassionate...or....whatever....to someone else when they were struggling with the same thing.

I wish that we could all learn these things before we have to walk that mile.

Because, it breaks your heart to see someone struggle with the past while they are dealing with the present.

Sigh...just love them and move on and help them heal.



  1. That was eloquent and moving. And compassionate.

  2. Hey Dear Lady, just wondering if you would still like to host me in some way for my Blogger Buddy Blog tour in October. This is the one I am doing on my own. I thought that, since you are so funny, we could something that is more fun and not so serious. You could ask me a bunch of oddball questions or something. As long as we mention the book at some point, I don't care what we do! Anyway, let me know if you still want to. Once I have my list of buds, I'll put together a schedule. Hugs, Melissa