Monday, August 22, 2011

Mad Skillz

There are close to a dozen tabs open in my browser right now.



Blogger Dashboard.

A couple of food blogs.

And couple of 'other' blogs.

I don't have ANY news pages open.

Clearly, I'm here hiding from the rest of humanity.

This morning I caught myself talking to the screen - well, specifically I was talking to one of the blogs - OUT LOUD - not typing.

I talk to the cats.

And I hum. To myself. As I clean stuff.

When I clean stuff.

I might need a job.

But what?

Don't just shrug - I'm asking you.

Yes YOU.

What kind of job?

Want to hire me?

I make awesome cookies.

And other stuff.

Which, in my opinion, makes up for my tremendous lack of skills. (which I will likely leave off my resume - when I make a resume. The lack of skills part, not the cookie making)

I should go clean something while I wait for all the offers to flood in.


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