Monday, June 27, 2011

The Golden Egg That Ate the Goose

You no doubt know the story of Jack and the Beanstalk - magic beans grow a vine that reaches toward the lair of a giant who lives among the clouds (the hooch back when this was written must have been gnarly good).

So, Jack climbs the vine to discover a number of items, one of which is a goose that lays golden eggs.

I have a point, really.

Not entirely sure you will understand it.

But I have one., Jack steals the goose, then makes worm food of the giant and finally he and his mother live happily ever after on the heisted goods.'ve been caught up on the little nippers adventures.

And I still have a point, it's coming - hang on.

Now for my title - The Golden Egg That Ate The Goose.

Being handed a golden egg is, essentially, being handed opportunity (depending on the price of gold and if you melted it down or sold it...but that is neigther here nor there).

In this case the egg is figurative. Opportunity comes to us in many ways, sometimes a business idea or a job offer or a move to another part of the city, state, country or world.

The idea of 'opportunity' is different for everyone.

My opportunity was a chance to go back to school and find a career that I wanted and would make me happy (working in an office or retail establishment does NOT make me happy).

Flash forward a few years and I'm still unsure what I want to do.

This is where the egg hatches into a big green monster and devours the goose.

Because Opportunity gets anxious for someone to grab it and nurture it - to feed it.

If Opportunity is ignored (from fear or indecision), it will devour the Goose, bit by bit, and then move on to someone else.

No goose, no more Golden Eggs.

Basically, you're screwed. Comforting, ain't it?

Reality isn't as dark as that, I just got caught up in the gloominess of old fables.

However, I HAVE been ignoring Opportunity. I still don't know what I want to 'BE' when I grow up (and at 42, I'm hoping that happens soon).

I'm still spinning my wheels, trying to figure out my strengths, talents...the list goes on. And I've locked opportunity up in a steel box, to prevent it from pecking away at my goose, and hoofing it out of town, while I figure this out.

But I will say this, I'm envious of the following people:

The 11 best new travel blogs of 2011

They are living life as I've imagined it.


Traveling constantly would not be joyful to me.

But traveling often would.

Did I mention I hate to fly?

I'd get over it.

Some of these people get PAID to travel.

And they get PAID to while away the hours writing about it. Probably while sipping on cappucinos and eating croissants in some swanky coffee shop somewhere in the world.

How the HELL do they stumble upon these Golden Eggs?

Alright, the don't stumble. They research and they got schooled and they got rejected and they didn't give up. Also, too...I'm sure...they don't use all these {dots} and weird words and they absolutely edit their work and use REAL English. But...really...where's the fun in that?

It also requires one more thing...


Not only in their desire to do it, but in their ability to do it. I'm sure doubt has peppered their careers, but ultimately...I really think they 'know' they can do it.

So, while I ponder my murky future, please take a peek at the link above and check out some of the travel blogs.

You'll be itching to grab your toothbrush and camera and hit the open road.



  1. Lost opportunities suck, but sometimes it means that better opportunities are just around the corner?

  2. I am a firm believer that opportunities are always presenting themselves, we just have to make sure our eyes, ears and minds are open.