Sunday, January 30, 2011

Status Fiction - The Telling of a Wee Tale: Part 1

Original Flash Fiction - in other words, weird story ideas that pop into my head that I feel compelled to share.

Story #1

What happens if open it up? She asked.
The World unfolds and the Universe floods in, It replied.
Will it hurt? She said.
Only for a moment.
If it frightens me, can I return to normal? She said indecisively.
Never, it said.
She pondered for a moment then she opened her mind, unchained her imagination and set it free.

Story #2
Passion did not like Complacency; she thought he was sullen and lazy. Where is his desire, ambition and plain old giddy-up and go? No, she did not like Complacency at all.
Complacency pitied Passion; so fickle and apt to burn white hot only to end up in ashes. Where is her appreciation for the moment, her contentment and plain old satisfaction in simplicity? No, Passion was too volatile for him. Compromise just shook Its head. Tsk, Tsk you two - Where is your harmony, compassion and plain old unity through understanding? Passion and Complacency decided that perhaps it was time to begin the search.

Story #3
Eeny, meeny, miny moe is how she picked the spot. After all, that was how she made most of her important life decisions; why not use the same method for this. No more gates, barriers, ceilings or locked doors. The anticipation of the next life became too much and with one last look around she stepped off with all the confidence in the world that her next life would certainly be better than the current one.

Story #4
She wanted to stay snuggled up, with her coffee and book. Other She had entirely different plans for them. She protested the lacing of the shoes. Other she just said, "Trust me." She moaned and groaned of the cold, Other She seemed impervious. She resigned herself, exercise would win. Other She shrieked with joy, she'd finally fit into those new jeans. Here we go!

Story #5
Being the child of an author SUCKS! Correction, being the child of a psycho, over-reacting-needs-to-take-a-chill pill author SUCKS. O.k. so mom loves me, she only wants the best for me, yada yada. But really, does she HAVE to be so damn smothering? I’m a kid, I made one lousy mistake! What kid doesn’t borrow the car at some point? I didn’t wreck it or anything and that scratch (and dent) were super easy to repair. But mom wouldn’t let it go. What do most mothers do? They ground their kid or they take away their cell phone or computer or maybe even make them pay part of the repairs. But nooo, not MY mom; SHE and her stupid voodoo, I swear she’s ruining my life. Hello mom – kids don’t like being locked in fiction. Like really, MOST parents (and by most I mean ALL), don’t write their children into freakin’ exile. How did she do that anyway? It’s crazy, you can’t just sacrifice a few chickens, say a bunch of mumbo jumbo and then write a story that locks your daughter in a stupid tower all by herself. I don’t care if I’ve got cable or the X-box., she took my dang cell phone! She is SO not getting a Mother’s Day car this year. Whatever, mom.

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