Friday, January 28, 2011

The Alien Returns

Can Alienbody resuscitate her long dead blog?

Can Alienbody find enough stuff to blog that will keep it fresh and current(ish)?

Is it a bad sign that Alienbody is already referring to herself in the third person?

Perhaps the only answer to the above questions is a big, hearty *shrug* and that sound you make when you don't really know the answer to said questions. What I DO know is that right here, right sounds like a really good idea.

Almost 4 months have passed since having surgery to remove a misbehaving thyroid. It's been almost 3 months since starting medication that is attempting to bring all those little functions the thyroid regulated into cosmic harmony. I'm still waiting. So, in the meantime I am taking a break from being a middle-aged co-ed to try and tackle some of those pesky "wanna-do's" that wait patiently on the sidelines. Wanna-do's will only wait so long before they turn into a full fledged excuse and then eventually die completely. The most common cause of death for a Wanna-do is the comfort zone. So, in an effort to keep my Wanna-do's from becoming regrets, I'm going to work on stepping out of that comfort zone.

First up is this blog and some creative writing. Next step will be to actually submit some flash fiction (super short stories) to an occasional contest. Winning isn't the goal, overcoming the fear of offering myself up for public scrutiny is the goal. Some would say that having a blog is as public as you can get AND ripe for all forms of scrutiny great and small. But it isn't the same. Writing about my reality isn't threatening, it feels safe because it's just my everyday existence. However, creative writing forces me to put my imagination on display. It exposes something naked inside of me that isn't yet calloused by life events, so criticism and rejection are potentially more painful when directed at creative endeavors.

The risk is great and studded with mystery as to what happens next. But, I like a mystery and I'm no stranger to risk, so I guess the only thing left to do just DO.


  1. kimmiekc4:51 AM

    you are an amazing woman and I have no doubt that not only will your writings be entered into contests, but that they will win several <3

  2. Love this! You are awesome and I love reading your words. You're beginning to inspire me to start blogging again, too... maybe. I'll have to tell you a funny story about my last two blog attempts sometime, heh. ;-D

  3. Kimmie, you are an angel..thanks!

    Dana - I hope you do start writing and you can bet that I'll be reading it!