Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Questions for My Reflection

Looking in the mirror has become increasingly difficult. The person staring back at me isn't someone I recognize. It isn't that she is older than I remember; she hasn't physically changed much in the last couple of years. Yet, I can tell by the way she doesn't meet my gaze that she is hiding something - I just don't think she knows what it is.

Perhaps she is plagued with big questions. Questions like: Why is it that the process of making a decision can completely shut a person down? How can deciding what to do with an eduction be so stinking hard? And, why is the thought of tackling something difficult so crippling?

That's not all! There are probably oodles of questions swilling around in her brain, stirring up the fear that she is merely giving life a passing glance as it rockets by. I bet she sometimes feels as if she is living a disassociated life; life moves forward, but she doesn't feel as if she's taking an active role.

Now come on...really? Why would someone who has so much, such a good and fortuante life, be in such a state of flux?


  1. It just is. Glad to see you back blogging-something to look forward to besides FB:)

  2. you have just described it to a tee! Life that is what it is...I couldn't have said it better :)

  3. The state of flux is the scariest part... It's kinda like a process of testing the waters with your toes before you commit to diving in head first to find your oasis. YKWIM? Or am I really as crazy as I think I am? LOL...

    Oh! And BTW, thank you for sharing your blog with me, I LOVE IT! Feel free to delete any of my *blargh* comments that annoy you... >;-D

  4. I'M SO MAD! The damn thing didn't save ALL of the post. There was a bunch more. I should know better than to trust writing in an online application even when it says 'saving'. GRRRRRR

  5. That is a bummer.