Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I wanna go there!

My daughter (a.k.a Kat) and I frequently watch travel shows, usually those involving food. I love to see what other cultures eat, regardless of the ewww factor. I'm game to try just about anything, within reason (and I'm pretty liberal on the needs to be dead, not too slimy and fresh). Now, there are other restrictions, but we won't go into those now. While watching these shows, Kat and I will turn to each other and, often in unison, say "I want to go there!"

Not only do I like to watch these travel/food shows, but I like to read about other peoples travels. I loved Take Bit Bites, a book by Linda Ellerbee about her travels throughout the world and what she ate along the way. I have not been able to drink a regular, Americanized Margarita since! She also spent much time on Santorini Island in Greece, holed up in a whitewashed room overlooking the Aegean Sea and eating fabulous food and chatting up the locals. I wanna go there! What attracted me most to the book was that much of her traveling was done alone, by choice. I would travel alone, fearlessly. Yet, if you are alone then you don't have anyone to hold the camera and take pictures of you in front of important monuments! Without pictures who's going to believe you were there?

Where am I going with this, you ask? Well, the answer is very round about. I've been thinking about my future and what I'll be doing when my kids are older and a bit more self sufficient. I thought that if I waited until that day to continue my education and start a new career, that I would be too old to really reap the benefits of working...which are VACATIONS! So, that spurred me to start school now and try in earnest to earn first an AA, then a BA and then...well, we'll see if I still have the bug after that. While perusing the college catalog, I found a plethora of interesting classes and decided I could make a career out of being a student. There are enough History classes to last me a lifetime!

However, back on track new education, coupled with a new career will allow me to (hopefully) earn enough money to support a longtime dream, which is to see the world. One cannot become a world traveler on one income (that being my hubby's). Correction, a family of 4 cannot become world travelers on just one income...and I don't want to go without my family. So, my driving force to achieve what I did not while younger, is the lure of far off oceans, exotic foods and ancient ruins. I want to see it all! Machu Picchu, Egypt, Costa Rica, Europe, the ENTIRE United States and Canada...the list goes on!

Now, if I can just figure out how to turn seeing the world into a paying job. Hmmmmmmm

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