Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wordless Wednesday 14: Writer's Block

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  1. lol An asshat with a house dropped on him. hahahahahaha

  2. haha, you always make me laugh! i love the umbrella :) start walking to the right side, one step at a time. thanks as always for making me smile :) *hugs

  3. You simply MUST donate your brain to science when your time comes. Talk about a creative mind!

  4. You have an unlikely fan from India :) I love your way of storytelling!

    And please stop being so mean on the poor guy.. Almost feel sorry for him

  5. Denise - I thought that would make you L.O.L. ;-)

    Karen - I'm glad I make you smile! Thank you!! I'm moving toward the sunny side as I type!

    George - Thank you. It's funny, but I just don't see it. If the Zombies don't get to it first, then science can have my brain!

    E.O.I. - Spike Starts it!! :-) But, you are right, I am a little hostile to the poor little fella. I'll try to be more kind. You may not want to look through my other Wordless Wednesdays...

  6. xoxoxo,
    A True Fan

    PS We really need to arrange a get together. There is wine and beer to be had and gloom to exterminate.

  7. Well, at least your umbrella is awesomesauce!!!