Monday, February 06, 2012

To Much Sippy-Sip...

I may have had a little too much muchness yesterday.

The wine was plentiful, the conversation was entertaining and fun...and so, I sipped.

A little too much on the sippy-sip iffin' ya know what I mean.

I sipped myself into, perhaps...much more sippyness than is decent.

Much too much sipping.

And so today is a recovery day.

I'm not in the mood to write, but I talked myself out of talking myself out of writing.

NaBloPoMo: The February Edition must go on.

I've been spared the headache and the nausea, thankfully.

But I was not spared the "meh" or the "blergh" and "blah" I'm going to nurse those back to health and return tomorrow with something witty and wonderful (that would be the hangover talking...tomorrow isn't likely to be any different than any other day - witty is iffy and wonderful is, well...I guess it could happen...anything is possible, ya know).

Until tomorrow my lovely and deeply appreciated readers...until tomorrow.


  1. Rest and recover, A.B. I'm having a hard time getting anything done with all the Stephanie Plum reading I've been doing, thanks to you and the other girls at BlogHer. I'm on 7-Up. These books are better than candy.

  2. Rest and recover, A.B.!

  3. I hate that blargh after too much sippy-sipping. Hope you've recovered fully!

  4. My brain does not function at ALL after too much sippy sippin