Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hum a little tune

Busy, busy, busy today!
So, because I don't have time to contemplate 
and edit 
the post I wanted to do today, I'm giving you
You lucky ducky!

Music...oh, that which hath charms to soothe the savage beast.

I cannot begin to name all the songs I adore and feel compelled to belt out whenever they grace the airwaves. There are just too many!

But, if I were to whittle down to just a tiny few that had specific meaning, I'd pick the following.

Unchained Melody by The Righteous Brothers
This is a special song I share with Hubbypants. It was our first 'together' song, the one we would dance to in our small townhouse, even before we were an official couple. It will always have a special place in my heart (and...for the record, I liked it WAY before it appeared in the movie Ghost).

The Power of Love by Jennifer Rush
This is officially 'OUR' song. No one else can have it. And, if you insist, you can have the Celine Dion version. She did a fine job, but THIS version is the one I share with Hubbypants. Your ears can borrow it, by listening to it here...but you can't have it. The video however, can have that.

Everything I Do by Bryan Adams
This was our first dance song played at our wedding. There is an extended version of it that we tortured the wedding party with. We opted for this song, over Power of Love, because it was more danceable. We did play the Power of Love later at the reception (this is where you say "awww" with a goofy grin. Yes...yes...we are so cute & romantic. {goofy grin}

And finally, the most lovable, snugglyable, pinchable, cuddlyable,
and precious bear that ever existed.
I would sing both of these songs, in an endless loop,
as I rocked my children...for help them sleep.
This could explain a to why my children turned out the way they did.
Moving on...

My list of favorite songs is ever changing. There are so many greats, that it would be hard to pick just a few. But none of my past, present or future favorites will ever replace these in my heart. 

Do you have that one (or 5) special song(s) that brings back great memories?

And, just because I said so, let's make it only fond memories...the ones that make you smile when you sing along.



  1. Awww cute! I have had two run in's with Bryan Adams. And I never realize it's him until it is too late. Well actually, one time I did know it was him and my sister doubted me...I think I have a blog post!

  2. Anonymous11:34 AM

    Ooooh, fun.

    1. "Good Things" by the BoDeans. I put this on a mix tape for the man who would become my husband after we'd only been dating about 3 months. Sometimes, you just have to throw your heart out there and see what happens.

    2. "Little Wing" by Jimi Hendrix. A boy I had a mad crush on in high school told me that this song reminded him of me (yet, yet, we never ever dated or kissed or held hands or...ohhh, makes me wonder the what-if's of life). I told the man who would be my husband that story. He listened to the song, then said, "Well, he's right. Now, let's make it a song for us." (I know, right...awwwww)

    3. "Coming of Age" by Damn Yankees. I didn't like my sister for a long time growing up and she didn't like me either. Once I went away to college, we started a new relationship and I put this on a mix-tape for her. Now she uses it as her introduction music for her derby bouts. My seester is the bomb-diggity, baby.

    Thanks for fun food for thought!


  3. Anonymous10:17 PM

    Ah yes, love songs, good choice for a post.

    I have a few but unfortunately, they're French so you've probably never heard of them. But they are beauts, trust me :)

  4. Glad you all enjoyed this musical interlude. :-)

  5. Every Subway Car, Barenaked Ladies
    Roxanne, The Police
    Love Shack, B52s
    Got To Give It Up, Marvin Gaye
    Super Freak, Rick James

    Not all love songs, but these are songs that make me feel good, silly, funny, or funky. The list would be different daily, perhaps hourly!

  6. Melanie - my favorite list changes all the time! But these are truly meaningful...especially my favorite Pooh Bear! :-)

  7. That Jennifer Rush has a set of pipes on her!!! I had never heard that version and WOW! She nails it like Celine Dion never did.

    You kinda already have a sense about my music - although I am realistically all over the map. I love love love funk from the 70's - Chaka Khan and Rufus is my all-time feel good song (but I talk about that a lot so I try to tone down mentioning it all the time).

  8. At Last, by Etta James. (The means by which my sexy Jamaican juggler revealed he was in love with me.)

    By Your Side, by Sade. Our wedding song, and eminently swayable.

    Superstition, by Stevie Wonder. Best. Song. Ever.

    My Girl, by The Temptations. Danica's song.

    No Woman No Cry, by Bob Marley. Shelton's song.

    And about a bazillion more that are memories good and bad. I need to find them all, now.... :)

  9. Anonymous9:48 AM

    Well, Unchained Melody did me in this morning. The waterworks became a flood. Ahh...amor...but the sweet memories were divine! Thank you, Melissa. :)


  10. Aww, I love ths post!! :) Thanks for sharing all of your special songs. My husband and I danced to "So This is Love" at our wedding, and "Save the Last Dance for Me" at the end. So much fun!