Sunday, November 27, 2011

Pie is gone, Reality bites....

Mundane-ness is holding me gunpoint!

Or, it would be if it had thumbs. Or might need arms, too.

But it is all figurative anyway.

Today is full of chores that a tired and run-down me doesn't want to do.

I want to get my blood test done a month early so that I can see if my TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) is rising and causing this slumpy-dumpy-frumpy feeling.

But, I fear the results will only reveal a TSH that is doing what IT is supposed to and that the real culprit is not doing what I'm 'supposed' to - like exercising and drinking less wine and eating less pumpkin pie for breakfast...or some other such nonsense.  And...the pie is gone, so...there is a bit of suck-ish-ness to this day as well.

But, I still have whipped cream - all is not lost.

So, I will try and make it through this day with a muddled brain and an inebriated feeling despite not getting the pleasure of actually drinking anything alcoholic (which is just all kinds of not fair).

I hope y'all are able to enjoy the last bits and pieces of what was hopefully a wonderful Thanksgiving Weekend!

Real post - or something posing as one - will be on tap for tomorrow!

Cheers, Peace & Pumpkin Pie Wishes!

only 3 more days of NaBloPoMo - I can dew eeet!

I don't really have a p.p.s., but I thought that perhaps it would come to me as I started typing.

Still nope.


  1. i was bummed that our pie was gone too. so i made a loaf of sweet golden raisin brioche. i wish i could send you a smellacomment comment! i hope your thanksgiving was great :)

  2. I can't believe how fast the last 4 days have flown by and now there's no more pie! *shaking fist at the sky*

    It's quite possible the TSH is impacting how you're feeling. But then um...probably all the pie's not helping either of us ;).

  3. You can DO IT!! And my pie was gone by Friday.

  4. You can DO IT!! And my pie was gone by Friday.

  5. I have little cup-cake pumpkin pies... *looks for teleportion device*

  6. It wasn't Thanksgiving weekend for us, but we're all total zombies, today. The hubs stayed home from work with some draggy stomach-upset stuff. I needed crow-bars to get the kids out of bed. And my coffee, sadly, is empty. Blah! The couch has a blankie on it that is calling me, sweetly.... But I have to do dishes :(

  7. Condolences on the lack of pie. Cruel world, and some quote from Shakespeare that I can't remember.

    Shouldn't Jane, the pie maker, start a weekly pie-mailing service? Seems reasonable to me. Perhaps with a payment plan?

    I am sorry you aren't feeling better. I have that dragging sensation of a hangover from time-to-time, and sadly, I don't drink because it gives me a migraine. And I still have my thyroid. Grrr.Is there no justice in this world?

    Feel better soon, my sweet.

    I think I'll make soup. :-)

  8. I say that we might need to just converge on Jane's house, because not only does she make pie from scratch, she has wine. 'Nuf said.

  9. We have pie and no whipped cream. BOOOO!