Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Of Planning and Doing

When day 15 of NaBloPoMo arrives at 4:30 a.m. to the sound of visiting family shuffling about in preparation for departure, it is a sign of a long day to come (despite going back to bed for an hour and a half).

I'm now three cups into my day and it is failing to inspire - so that means it's time to break out the pumpkin pie.

With whipped cream.

Maybe LOTS of whipped cream.

I kid about eating pumpkin pie for breakfast. {no she's not}

And I'm not really drinking my 4th cup of coffee. {yes she is}

And my fingers are not conspiring against me by typing truths in scrolly pink brackets. So if you see any of those, ignore them. {it's a cry for help people, she needs more pie and whipped cream}

It's possible my stomach is in cahoots. {duh, ya think?}

During the first week of this NaBloPoMo experiment I read some great advice about creating an editorial calendar. And, once I found out what the hell it was, it sounded like a very neato-keeno idea.

Skip ahead to week 2 and Hubbypants, in reply to my complaint about finding something to write about, says I should plan out my topics for the rest of the month.

"It's called an editorial calendar," I say, "and I've already thought about it". {she said it like she didn't just learn it a week before - all smarty-pants-know-it-all-like}

I'd like to take a moment to warn my mutinous fingers that I do have a delete button. Just sayin! {pfft, and how are you gonna "delete" stuff? With your toes? You NEED us.}

Cheeky things, those fingers.

So, here I am half way and I have no calendar of blog topics to get me through the next 15 days.

When the subject of an editorial calendar came up, I will admit to thinking of it as a tool for real bloggers and real writers. It isn't something a Dabbler would need.

The fault in this logic, as is typical of me, is that there ARE people who read my daily musings and they would probably like to read something as opposed to nothing...or even nothing about something as opposed to nothing about nothing.

Wow! Did you see that? My train of thought used my ear as an exit to escape my logic and is probably half way to Belize by now.

Where the heck was I going with this?

Oh...right...Planning, Organizing and Building Foundations.

Meaning - taking steps to write down ideas, jotting them on the calendar and then, possibly, stringing letters and words together to form a blog post.

I know NOW that *most* writers plan. I realize NOW that the majority of bloggers do not wake up each morning and wait for the coffee and pumpkin pie to ignite a spark of inspiration on some topic and then viola*wham*bam*thank*ya*mam, a post is born.

I DO realize it doesn't work that way.

I just wish it did. {Because Ms. Piggy wants pumpkin pie every morning}

*whispers* Fingers that don't want to spend the day doing dishes without gloves should think carefully before name calling* {people that don't want their ass expanding should put down the fork and step away from the pie} I wonder if anyone else finds these dual conversations between Myself and I a little disturbing? {no comment}

Anywhooo...I'd do all that planning and organizing stuff if wasn't so boring and I didn't draw a complete blank every time I sit down to do it. Perhaps it is boring because of the blankness? Hmmm....

Organization has been swirling around in my head because I feel as if I need to move forward and onward with certain things in my life that I cannot accomplish willy-nilly.

I often wonder what I could say and how well I could say it if I spent time writing with the notion that I was actually doing so as a writer vs. a person with too much time on my hands. What if, for giggle sake, I were to plan and research and edit as if I were submitting for publication beyond this blog?

I really do think that. Often actually. Which leads to full and complete melt down and something chocolaty drizzled over my pumpkin pie to be washed down with more coffee.

Thank you, NaBloPoMo for forcing me to dive into these thoughts, sort them out (hopefully) and the need to go shopping for stretchy pants.

Answer me this, if you please:

IF you are a blogger, do you keep an editorial calendar (even if it is just a guide)?

How do you come up with your blogging ideas
(just by waking up or serious contemplation)?

My hope is that by finding my inner organized self that I'll avoid letting opportunities pass me by. Such as: I was recently approached via Twitter to *possibly* have my Super Powers blog post syndicated on a blogging network site. The tweet was 4 days old when I saw it - I had failed to reply in a timely manner and will, very likely, not hear from this person again.

My loss at not being Twitter savvy.

While I am sad that this opportunity *may* have passed, I am flattered beyond blushing that this editor even read my post AND that she took the time to contact me. Indeed a great feeling.

Now that I've spent my entire morning writing, it is time to move on and accomplish other important tasks. {Don't let her fool you, she's just going to stalk people on Facebook}

Among those tasks will be to teach my fingers a lesson on how sarcasm can backfire - time to clean the toilets - With.Out.Gloves. {doh...eww}

Peace Out!

Today's post is brought to you by Starbucks French Roast and homemade pumpkin pie.

I should've probably skipped that last cup of coffee

Did we just have an earthquake? Why is the room spinning?

{Cleaning toilets without gloves is like cutting off your nose to spite your face}
Hmmm...true, we'll have the kids clean the toilets and I'll torture my fingers with ugly nail polish.
{Oy, there she goes again}

What the hell does "p.s." really mean? And is it "p.s.s." or is it "p.p.s" or....?


  1. Anonymous11:28 AM

    p.s. = post scriptum, or "after writing"

    p.p.s. = post post scriptum, or "You should seriously consider adding another paragraph to the body of your text because you're obviously not done yet."

    A. = Aliesha, not anonymous

  2. First of all, you are as real a writer and a blogger come!
    Second, while I attempt to keep an editorial calendar for my "professional blog," (which has been sorely neglected lately), I do not keep one for my personal blog. Because I want to write as things come to me. I DO, however, have ideas and starts to blogs written in a microsoft word doc.
    I hope you start getting along with yourself...

  3. Ha! An editorial calendar? 70% of the time I have no idea what day it is. I can't think that far in advance.

    I do, on occasion, remember to leave myself notes about potentially awesome blog fodder. I use Evernote which is free and syncs with my phone, my hard drive, and the internet (it's everywhere I want to be). Then, when I'm desperate for topics, I log into Evernote, scan notes that probably meant something logical to me at one time but now make me think, "WTF does 'Owen's smelling monkey butts' even mean?!" Because, as far as I know, Owen's never smelled a monkey butt. *sigh*

    Then? Then I close the app and hope for something - like pie or another blogger like you - to inspire me.

  4. You are some kind o' crazy, Alienbody. Knew I liked you. LMAO.

    I do have a bone to pick: Why would you ever question that pumpkin pie is a legitimate breakfast food? Especially if it's homemade?

    P.S. I keep lists in a Word file, sometimes on paper and now Janey has me wanting to check out Evernote. No, no, no calendar.

    P.P.S. is what comes next. One of the few random facts I can actually remember for some reason!

  5. Pumpkin pie is actually very healthy. All of that beta carotene rich squash? Good stuff! That in combination with the pie crust, the whipped cream and maybe a handful of walnuts makes for a perfectly balanced meal. Win!

    As for writing, I don't keep an editorial calendar. I have a Stickies app on my desktop where I keep ideas that pop up at random times, so that I don't forget them. I usually blog three times a week, so if I know I have to post something tomorrow, I'll just roll the idea around in my head for the day, then write it while the kids are napping and do a rough (sometimes VERY rough) edit before posting. Unless I get an idea that I have to post, RIGHT NOW, in which case all of the above means nothing.

    So awesome that you were approached for syndication! You're such a great writer, Melissa. It's about time!

  6. Anonymous1:55 PM

    I'll take half that pumpkin pie and about 1 cup's worth of whipped cream, and a cup of coffee with cream and sugar, thank you very much!