Friday, November 25, 2011

Leftover Friday - Pass The Pie

Last night, in the aftermath of Thanksgiving gorging, having a full tank of gas would not have done me a lot of good.

Because, if Zombies had chosen last night to rise up, go forth and infest the planet - our human Food Coma Thursday would have been a smorgasbord for them.  I, for one, should have hired a winch crew to lift me off the couch.

While I did go for a little after stroll with Hubbypants after stooofing my face, the festivities wrapped up early and we nestled into our couch to wait for the zombies to come put an end to our misery.

But while we waited, we watched:

 We started with Priest, which made me hope for a vampire invasion over zombies, because vamps just git'r done, but zombies....oy...the chewing and the chewing and the chewing.  They just eat so slow! I'd like it to be over quickly and I DON'T want to be turned in to either, because it appears that both zombies and vamps lose their taste for pumpkin pie and whipped cream and *gasp* coffee. For reals, there is a fate worse than being the living dead and it is living dead without coffee and pie.

Pirates: On Stranger Tides was alright. It was piratey and giggly, as usual. With a brain muddled from food and wine, I wasn't going for Oscar material - just entertainment.

Hanna was artsy and weird, and since I love weird, I liked this movie. It could have been a better movie, in fact the director should give me a buzz when ready to do a sequel, because I've got LOTS of advice  - I'm literally full of it!


And now, Food Coma Thursday is followed by:

Leftover Friday!
(yes, that IS angels you hear singing)

 And if you think that the piece of pumpkin pie canoodling with the whipped cream looks rather large, well isn't an optical allusion and your vision is just fine. Yay you! I'm going to make you the look-out for approaching zombies with those mad observational skillz of yours!  

Whipped cream in my coffee? Yes.

Five mile walk to counter all of it, probably...must finish mountain of pie first.

But right now I must venture out into the World Wide Interwebz to visit my favorite blogs and catch up on my email all while ignoring the text from my daughter to pick her up from a sleepover and take her AND her friends to the mall.

Yeah....I'll take a Zombie Apocalypse any day.



  1. I am missing that pumpkin pie. Here in the great white north, we haven't had any since OCTOBER, and that feels like entirely too long. Also? I would take a zombie apocalypse over the malls, today. We don't have Black Friday here, either, but if the mall on Wednesday was any indicator, the Christmas Crush is ON. Sigh.

  2. That is possibly one of the most beautiful food photos ever. Pardon me while I wipe the drool from my chin.
    Do Zombies drool? Having a stream-of-consciousness kind of day...

    Your priorities are so right: pie and coffee!

  3. That pie is spectacular. Seriously.

  4. i'm having whipped cream in my coffee this morning!

  5. I just gobbled down my first piece of leftover pie while reading this. I didn't even bother with a plate or fork. Hence why there will be no pictures.

    Seriously, drooling over the picture.

  6. My five-year-old and I decided that Vamps are TOTALLY the way to go. NO QUESTION! My problem with zombies is the chasing. CREEPY!