Saturday, October 29, 2011

NaBloPoMo and Thirty - Oh yeah!!!



Big Three Oh!

If this were my birthday, it would be more like "30 again...and again...and again...and..."

If this were my birthday, my kids would be saying, "Mom, didn't you turn 30 like last year...and last 10 years or" which would prompt me to place an add on Craigslist to find them a new


This isn't about birthdays (although, mine is coming in December - gift wish list coming soon) is about followers.

30 of you have found it in your hearts to 'follow' me and I'm honored.

So today I'm celebrating you!

If I had sponsors, I'd do a drawing and send the winner a gift. I'd want to send you ALL gifts, but you know how stingy sponsors are...pfft...

But I'm not cool enough/popular enough for sponsors, so I can't send you a prize and then...well...what if it was a really cool gift? Chances are I'd keep it for myself anyway - y'all would never know.

Or, I suppose I could make you something. Have I mentioned how {not} crafty I am? aren't here for the prizes. You are here 'cause you love me!! Or like me muches of bunches...oodles even!

And, while I am still bewildered as to WHY???, I want to let you all know that I very much appreciate you taking the time to go through the painful process of following someone on Blogger.

And, thank you for the time you take to read my blog and....AND...AND...for the effort involved in posting a comment.

You might think of it as a minor thing, but it makes my day. (I'd make all sorts of little hearts, but Blogger would mutate them to some weird-ass pretend they are here)

And...the whole purpose of this is to let you all know that I plan to participate in NaBloPoMo, which is - in a nut shell - blogging every day the entire month of November. It's like a real event and everything....In-ter-na-tion-al even!

I could win stuff!!

But that isn't my motivation, mostly.

The idea, for me, is to give myself a mental challenge along with a physical one. This is like exercise for the mind and body.

The reason for telling you this is to warn you that I will be striving to update daily and to ask that you stick with me.

Why, you ask?

Well, because I typically don't update every day which gives you plenty of time to miss me between posts ('cause you know that you do...smooch)...some would say get a break from me, but we know there is a giant hole in your existence when I don't update.

You won't get such an opportunity [to miss me] in November. It's me, baby...every day... for an entire month!

I'm going to ignore that eye roll you just did and assume it was euphoria induced, m'kay...

So...Happy Weekend, my follower-friends, rest those eyes and limber up that brain, because there is NO TELLING what'll be happenin' up in herrre this coming month.


If you un-follow me based on this post, I understand. But I know where you live {not really} and I'll come find you...[cue sinister music/maniacal laughter].

Plus, there will be prizes {not really}.

{not really}


  1. Woot!! It'll be good, lady :) I'm so looking forward to reading more of your stuff!

  2. Haha yay!!! I cant wait! :D I love the p.s.s's haha

  3. OH! There is a giant hole in my existence between posts! Thank God for November! ;) hehe I can't wait!

  4. You all are ultra coolio followers! Thanks for visiting & commenting & existing! Peace...y'all.