Sunday, October 16, 2011

He and Me

Conversation with Hubbypants:

He: "I want a funeral procession."

Me: "What happened to being cremated?"

He: "You need to get from the church to...wherever you are going next, so...procession."

Me. "Mr. Religion-is-the-root-of-all-evil wants a church service now?

He: "You STILL have to get from wherever my many admirers gather to send me off to
wherever the food is being served."

Me. "Yea, so I throw your box of ashes in the trunk and cart your ass home and we BBQ. Done and done." (need to up the insurance policy to cover funeral food)"

He. "I want a procession so that I can fuck up traffic. During commute time would be good."

Me. "So, you want a procession of Prius' then? I wonder if Enterprise will give us a group rate? We can leave the back open and then let your ashes float off into the wind fucking up traffic
for HOURS!"

This conversation happened while watching an episode of Storm Chasers where a huge tornado had ravaged a town and the 'chasers' stopped to watch a funeral procession.

We would have been far more sensitive to the seriousness of the situation had we actually been there. I'm sure. Probably.

And in other news ===>

Well...there isn't other news.


I'm tapped out. I'm pooped (as in exhausted..not, you know...#2). Eww....

I'd tell you about my efforts to find a good recipe for sourdough starter, but you can't discuss food when you've already discussed poop.

I wish I had something witty for y'all.

But I don't.

And I won't.

Until I stop being obsessed with making stuff...or fundraising.

I think it's a sickness.

Or lack of a day job.

Or not enough help me forget about being obsessed with making stuff.

So, I'm going to post this and see if anyone notices.

And then I'm going to bed, because obsessions need rest and brain power to thrive.

I can at least manage the rest part.



  1. Anonymous11:12 AM

    What an interesting and, may I say, funny conversation! My most common conversations with my hubby run along the line of: "Will you wait at least a year after I dies to marry again?" To tell the truth, this never ends well. Most because of me. I am a very jealous individual. And my hubby now knows to say, "Honey, I will never marry again, when you are gone!"

  2. Anonymous11:15 AM

    What an interesting and, may I say, funny conversation to have! One of my conversations with my hubby run along the lines of: "Will you wait at least a year after I die to marry again?" To Tell the truth, this never ends well. Mostly because of me and my petty jealousy. And my hubby now knows to say, "Honey, I will never marry again when you are gone!"

  3. I noticed, all though I'm not quite sure what I noticed... but that could be my semi-death-zombie virus, or the bebe climbing ontop of the table behind me. So what were we talking about?

  4. Virginia - You are irreplaceable!

    Emily - We were talking about you sending me your goat, because of how cute I think they are and I like goat cheese.

  5. And there's a topic for ya. Is goat cheese really that good? I've never tried it, but the topic of knocking up the goat has come up alot lately. (yes we have conversations on knocking up goats) But can goat cheese be reallllllly worth the trouble? Hrrrmmmm.

  6. Hahahaha! I'm sorry that you're so worn out with all of that stuff, but so appreciate you taking the time to make us all smile. My husband and I have had more-or-less the same conversation, though usually while watching Hoarders or something equally appalling. Though, eventually I have to point out that the majority of his admirers are 19-year-old university students, and the convo sort of devolves from there.... Thanks for the chuckles! I hope you're having a better day!

  7. LMAO Oh man this is pure, epic awesome in blog form!

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