Monday, September 05, 2011

Peace, Thankfulness and Slackitude

It's Labor Day Monday and I'm sitting here on my couch, not hiking.

I figure that taking a day off of laboring shows respect So, I have been snuggled into the couch reading blogs and futzing around the interwebz while Hubbypants cleaned the kitchen.

He, clearly, didn't get the Labor Day Is For Slacking memo (that I hid and failed to show him), but hey...the kitchen looks great, Honey! Thanks!

Maybe it is the cozy blanket I'm burrowed into or the cushy couch or the delicious coffee that is causing it, but I am feeling very 'Thankful' today.

I'm thankful that/for:

1.The best Hubbypants in the Universe - who closed the bedroom door this morning to keep the cats from walking across my head 10 million times, not because they want to be fed but because they want me up. This is only one of zillions of things he does for me, because he loves me. He is my Knight in Shining Armor and I never want to wake up from this fairy tale.

2. Coffee.

3. My children - mostly when they are sleeping and not whining, fighting, asking for stuff, or wanting me to make them something to eat. Otherwise, they walk a very precarious line of being sold to Gypsies. I hear they are hard to fine these days, the Gypsies, but I've got a want ad running on Craigslist - I like to be prepared.

3. My laptop. Like, totally.

4. Coffee. Yes, I know I said it already...your point is?

5. Blogging - for helping get my fuzzy brain to be I don't know if it's working, because I've read back through some of my posts and I think the fuzz is starting to clog up the ducts. But, I'll keep at it....simply because it's there and I can and some people read it - even regularly!

6. Cell phones, texting, the Interwebz, laptops, computers, cameras - everything that allows me to communicate with far flung friends (dude...try saying THAT 5 times fast: FarFlungFriends) and explore the world from my cozy couch until I can actually get there to experience it in person.

7. Reality TV. Ha...AS, it's more like the Death of Reality TV. I know, it hasn't happened yet, but I'm hopeful.

8. Not having a chronic illness.

9. Tweezers - one of the most important inventions ever and a boon to womankind.

10. Thankfulness. Some people don't have it, can't find it or are unwilling to recognize it. That makes me sad. I believe it is only the very, very rare individual - an infinitesimally small number - that can rightfully claim to live devoid of thankfulness. The rest of us, the majority, can find it if we try. You have to be willing to recognize it when it emerges - it may be very small and perhaps disguised, but train your eyes to seek it out and you might find that it sticks by you.

I just heard my phone signal that I have a text. I'm guessing it is from my Girl Child asking me to pick her up from a sleepover and shuttle her and her posse to the mall. I have a knack for predicting this shit...I'm freakin' amazing like that.

So, I may have to go back and edit #6...sigh...

Wishing you Peace, Thankfulness and Slackitude.


  1. Slackitude is a fabulous word. I'm grateful for people like you who write great blogs that make me laugh. You remind me of Erma Bombeck and that's a big fat compliment! Coffee always makes my list multiple times too.

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