Friday, September 02, 2011

Nice to meet ya! Maybe...

Well hello there, Dear Visitor-Person!


{maybe - you'll see why}

I'm a stats junkie.

I love to look at my blog stats to see how many page views I get and where the traffic comes from.

Recently, like this past week sort of recent, there are a large number of page views (beyond my typical 4 or 5...per day). At one point there were 19...All. At. Once.


(perplexed look spreads across face - big question mark floats above head)

Hmmm...(me thinks)...why the sudden flood?

I check the sources to see a mix of blogger folks (no doubt just hitting the 'next' button), people that may have linked from BlogHer (another bloggity-blog site I use), a mix of other spammy-want-to -sell-me-something pages and then...well... the not so surprising adult themed sources that seem infect everything linked to the interwebz.

While I love the visits, I do wonder:

Are y'all real?
Are you a bot?
Did you stumble upon me by accident?
Visit on purpose?
Did you stay and read?
Or, did you click NEXT as fast as your little fingers would carry you?

Yes, this is a direct question - and...perhaps...a not so subtle attempt to get REAL comments from REAL people.

Because, I LIKE comments.

No, I LOVE comments. (I use the big red font - see - I love comments that much)

But, I don't want links to your product line...

Or your porn page...wait, is it free? I kid (sort of).

I do NOT like sales pitch comments. Unless you are offering me free samples and want me to write about them. I can be bought - I just cannot guarantee that I'll give you a glowing review. Honesty is the best policy.

I'd hunt down those spammy nuisances and taser their asses (twice) if I could, because getting my hopes up for a comment from a reader that isn't a real reader is just mean.

When I open my email and see a notice that I have a new blog comment, I get all excited that somebody identified with something I said and just NEEEEDED to tell me so.

My excitement hits a brick wall when I see that I'm being offered [insert your gimmick here].

It's just rude. (zzzaaappp - 10,000 volts, make you flop like a fishy out of water)

So, if you've made it this far - then I hope you understand what I've tried to say here.

And then maybe you can explain it to me.

Because I think my brain stopped paying attention sometime after the second sentence and my fingers saw an opportunity to steal the limelight.

So...if you got --->here<--- then please leave a comment and say, "Hey!"



  1. "Hey!" I am not a bot, though to be honest my now-husband questioned that fact early in our relationship. But that was likely because I refused to talk to him in spite of his obvious (ahem) charm.
    Thanks for the chuckles!

  2. Hey. I love read your topic and find all helpful for me now. I are not a scam but I think I do that I can help you reach profit of great wealth... (I couldn't resist) <3

  3. Veronica6:44 PM

    Ok I. Wtf is a bot?????