Saturday, August 27, 2011

Writing + Wine = Huh?

This was my Facebook status last night, "I'm not sure writing and wine are a good mix."

And I'll tell you why...

Have you ever written something and then gone back to read it and wondered, "WTF?".

Because, I'm tellin' ya...I have NO idea where some of the shit I write comes from.

Much of the time it makes sense...ish.

And then other times...

This line represents where sense stops and something other than sense starts:

I'm so glad that many of the scenarios...


And conversations I have with myself

Are all in my head...mostly

(Except the ones I have out loud...with myself)

Because, boy...

It sure would be awkward if they weren't.

----------------Reality resumes--------------------
I started the post out this way last night.

Then I read it in the cold, hard light of day and, that was W.E.I.R.D.

I sometimes wonder if I inadvertently ate a crazy person who is somehow controlling my thoughts from inside my belly.

It could happen, especially someplace like Cheesecake Factory- where you Hooverize your dessert only stopping when you notice you've licked the plate clean as the WHOLE restaurant is staring at you (except the unfortunate person you ate, when they were sucked up in the swirling Hooverish vortex you caused. What do they expect when they stand so close to cheesecake).

Or it's the wine I drank while writing.

Perhaps it is the volume of wine I had.


Lessons learned:

1. Inebriated writing can be thought provoking. But, in this case it isn't.
2. Cheesecake is dangerous.
3. Melissa thinks the stuff between the lines above is weird, but the stuff after it isn't.
4. Cats are weird - especially mine - especially right this very second.
5. Weird is Melissa's new favorite word. Not really, she just can't think of a different word and doesn't want to check the thesaurus.
6. Melissa should stop writing when she starts talking in the 3rd person.

Happy Saturday & Peace!


  1. Hey! Drunk writing is always funny, it's just not always funny to you! Haha!

  2. Anonymous10:21 AM

    +1 Sarah - LOL