Friday, August 19, 2011

Theme? I don't need no stinkin' theme!

I think I need a theme.

For this blog that is.

There are food blogs and travel blogs and blogs that do reviews and all-sorts-of-other-stuff-I-don't-care-about blogs - they all have themes.

Is 'random' a theme?

Or perhaps 'whiny, going nowhere'?

Didn't I do a post like this already?

I guess my theme is 'broken record'?

O.k. so, what refreshed this conundrum were two things: Wordless Wednesday and Cocktail Friday.

Neither of these things are my own creation, they are from other blogs I follow.

Wordless Wednesday seems to be a popular one that I've seen on several blogs. I copied it.

Cocktail Friday 'may' be a general blogosphere deal-e-oh, too...but so far My Life as Mrs is the only blog I've seen do it (and I am rapidly working up to following a bazillion food blogs - so I speak from some *minuscule* amount of experience here).

Her post today is an Orange Creamsicle Martini. I first read about it at 8am this morning and had to restrain myself from immediately driving over to BevMo only to stand out front pounding on the door for them to "OPEN, OPEN, OPEN" (hey, remember those old Mervyn's commercials??)

Ya, something like that.

She does this every week, post delectable recipes for cocktails (oh...and the food...yes, check that out too - DEE-licious stuff).

I am now contemplating finding a job so that I can afford all the cocktail accouterments to make ALL of her Cocktail Friday recipes and taste test...with friends of course, not all by myself....silly.

So, what does all this have to do with finding a theme?

Well...I have no idea.

Mostly I just needed to share the cocktail recipe.

I might make it a part of my weekly routine, to share such gems - and then, perhaps, I'll see you on Friday mornings standing next to me at BevMo.

Until then....Peace.


  1. aww thanks! SO glad you enjoy them :)

  2. I do, indeed! We had Chicken Tortilla soup last night (slightly modified). What a great recipe it was a huge hit!

  3. I know. My theme much for personal branding.