Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Let's Get It Started In Here....

Well...lookey thar....how in tar-nation did it become June 7th?

Le Sigh

I had such grand plans for starting off June with newness and a touch of serendipity...



I done got broadsided by The Icky and spent the beginning of June on the couch recuperating.

I don't much like recuperating, unless it involves a beach, an umbrella drink and nothing but the sound of waves tickling the shore. And no...it does not involve a cabana boy to fan me with a palm frond...because really, it just means one more person that I'd have to acknowledge and pay attention to. No, just gimme the sand, drink & sea.

HOWEVER....none of the above happened. It was just me, the couch and the TV remote (and a very loving and attentive husband who took the bestest care of me evah).

What I had PLANNED, before being so RUDELY interrupted, was to satiate my desperate need to dig through layer upon layer of excuses and stop the false starts.

You are, no doubt thinking ----> "What the HELL is she talking about now?"

False Starts are ideas that never come to fruition. False Starts are things I want to do, but always seem to find reasons not to do them.

These False Starts often include things from my Do-Before-I'm-Dead List. There are a bunch of Wanna-Be's on my DBID that seem to meet an early demise. Follow through can be so...tedious, ya know? So, instead of following through I just mentally lite these Wanna-Be's on fire, watch them burn and then regretfully watch as their ashes float off toward the very same adventures I never seem to get around to doing.

The False Starts (am I the only one who thinks it sounds like I'm saying 'farts'?) have finally piled up so high in my head that they are obstructing my vision and all I can see is the missed opportunities. It's like looking through the dirty, cobweb crusted window of a haunted house - nobody wants to stare through that muck.

So, #1 on my False Start is:
(drum roll)
(really long, heavy metal like drum solo)
(like...Van Halen in their heyday long drum solo)
A photo journal.

Yes, that's it. I want to do a photo journal of...stuff.

With camera in hand I want to take pictures of my world, state, town, street, house...

And then write about it.

Just because I can.

Mostly because I believe in my heart that some day in the not too distant future I won't remember shit. I'd like to create a memory that cannot be easily erased, that can be shared with anyone interested (or who I've guilted into following me) and...


Just for the hell of it and the fun of writing - the process of thinking (something I frequently duck to avoid) - the act of admiring and appreciating what exists around me.

So...there ya go.

I do this with the expectation that my remaining DBID List items will stop being do dad-gum lazy and follow suit.

I honestly have NO IDEA why I decided to regress to some Southern sounding drawl. Your guess is as good as mine. I believe, at times, that my fingers have a mind of their own...digits prone to flights of fancy. Yup...

And...one last thing...I will likely not follow the rules of grammar. I will place those *dots* and *squiggles* and such that are meant to define the beginning, middle and end of thoughts wherever the hell I want.

Because I can.

So, do come back now...ya'hear!

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