Friday, April 15, 2011

Writing it Right?

When you are conditioned to expect things a certain way, does that mean it is the only "way" there is?

In other words, when something is written that does not follow "the way", is it then wrong?


How does one write right? Easy, just go to any writing website and you'll see oodles of books offering instruction. The authors are molding and conforming you to appeal to the masses of readers.

So yes, there is "a way" to do it, just follow the paving stones the authors are laying that lead to "their way".

But, sometimes...maybe...don't you just grow tired of predicting? Doesn't the formula grow stale? Granted, going about things all willy-nilly can lead to readers wondering, "WTF??" and we can't have that happen. Or can we? *shrug*

I don't like high brow pretentiousness. I don't like things that are written so far above my head that I need a space suit and oxygen to understand it. But often that particular writer steps outside of the instruction book and dabbles in something entirely different. Or, maybe they don't. Maybe they are also following the formula and I just don't see it. Either way, when I read something I believe is written for the author, something they wanted to write - rules be damned, I react to it. Sometimes it causes me anxiety. Sometimes I get annoyed at the style. Is that because I've grown accustomed to 'the formula' and those maverick writers are throwing a wrench into the works?

YES! I really believe that is the case.

I'm not really an aspiring author or wanna be writer, but I do like to write things...all kinds of things. I'm not alone - there are probably tons of people who would like to write_things_but shrink at the thought of having to "write it right."

I know I do.

Now I'm left here to search for places to submit my work/writings/musings/craziness that allow me to just...sort of...find my own "way."

So, I ask you - is it possible to write wrong and still be...right?


  1. Absolutely. There are rules that are always broken.

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  3. the rules are made to be broken, are they not? lol xo