Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I had the most interesting conversation with my son last night. He is 11, going on 40. He told me that he's been thinking of the future a lot lately. Now, his birthday is coming in January, so I figured the future he was talking about was just around the corner. Um, nope. He's thinking about his life as he gets older, grows up, has a job and a family. He just 'wonders' about things. He's so old for such a little boy!

He then proceeds to tell me that he sometimes wonder if we really exist or if we ar just part of some being's dream or imagination. I am SO not shitting you! He really said this. He's 11!!! He said that he felt that at times there were two of him, the one inside his head, the brain, and the other part of him that's standing across the room viewing THE BRAIN and just watching, like in a dream. He referred to the Brains' alternate self as The Brawn. His words, not mine. He goes on to talk about how he feels he's the only one who looks at things from all sides. Um, yup honey, I think you are! However, he's just like his mama! I tend to look at all situations from various points of view, which makes it extremely hard to stand firm or takes sides in any issue!

Apparently, my son has inherited that from me! I'm not proud of it. I don't view indecision as one of the better character traits. Yet, he has it and he's so full of compassion and understanding much of the time. What's a parent to do? I guess I just have to let my baby grow up and see what happens.

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