Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Last Saturday our DSL modem went KAPUT. It just stopped working. My hubby wondered whether it was the modem itself or the power supply. You know, the technical stuff. Me, I didn't give a rats ass what it was, I just wanted the damn thing fixed!

While I maintained a calm exterior, I felt a rush of panic inside. I mean, I could not check mail. I could not look up my sons grades. I could not check to see what time the damn library opened so that I could go use their computer!!! Mostly, I hated not being able to connect with my hubby through Yahoo Instant Messenger. I felt isolated and alone and well, bored! Now, by the sound of things, you'd think this had gone on for a week, nay....a MONTH. Nope, it was just 3 whole days.

My husband told me that we pay extra to be able to access wireless through McDonald's. That's right, good ole Micky D's! After my morning walk yesterday, I grabbed the laptop and sped to my nearest burger joint. However, my first parking spot did not yield a signal. Nor did the 2nd or 3rd. I'm sure the employee's were wondering what the hell I was doing by hopping from one spot to the next. I almost went inside to make sure they actually turned on their wireless. You know, like maybe they got so busy turning on the frier's and making burgers that they forgot the important stuff.....like wireless Internet!

After 20 minutes of trying, it was clear that I lack the technical savvy to just hop onto any wireless air wave. It was very disturbing how much reliance I have on my inanimate little buddy. I mean, it's just a computer but it has become such a part of me...it's how I communicate with far flung friends and family. It's how I find out what time things open and close. It's how I know I'm up to my eyeballs in library fines. It's how I keep track of my kids grades and whether they are lying about what they have for homework. What the hell did we do before Internet?

I'm losing perspective on how long it took to get things done and to share/exchange information 30 years ago and I don't care! Nope, I do not long for the old days.

But as of last night my DSL is back! Look out World Wide Web, here I come!!

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