Friday, June 08, 2007

Deciefer Me!

I've never really been into figuring out my dreams. They are just jumbled thoughts and emotions from our everyday lives replayed while we sleep. But once in awhile a dream will leave me pondering during my waking hours. Most of my dreams are forgotten the moment I awaken from peaceful slumber by the pleas of my darling (starving) children to make breakfast. Yet, there are a few dreams that stick with me and will sometimes resurface years later or they were just memorable enough to carry with me in the recesses of my little brain.

Last nights dream won't be one for the memory books, but it did stick with me this morning and well into the afternoon. I don't really know why, but my mind keeps going back to it. Why? All I remember from it is that I developed the ability to move things with my mind. I had to concentrate really hard and the focused item would then move wherever I wanted it to be. I remember trying to convince people that I could do this and even with proof, they scoffed. I'd perform the feat in front of them and it would be met with an uninterested stare. It's weird, but even in my dream I felt that this was not really a physical power, but more a metaphor (here we go with the wacky spiritualist stuff) for setting and accomplishing a goal. Is my mind trying to tell me to stop putting off all those things I want to accomplish and get off my damn ass and do something about it? I don't know....I can't even figure out this ridiculous dream!!!

Meanwhile, in and amongst my being able to rearrange the furniture with a mighty thought, I was also being pursued by something unseen. Not chased, or stalked....but something was always behind me lurking. Something almost sinister. This 'thing' never materialized, it was more like a presence you just feel. However at one point of the dream, it seems as if it did manifest itself in the form of a tree. Why a tree? I like trees. They've never done me wrong, so why was I seeing this as a threat? I remember the scene vividly. I started out riding my bike (my brand new guacamole'd have to see it to understand) and I passed under a large tree as I'm heading down the street (my very own street, too). For some reason I had to turn around and the large tree that I'd just rode under had suddenly become immense, with giant tentacle like branches that reached down...almost blocking the path. I say almost, because if I were to get off my bike, I would hunch down and walk under it's lowest branches. It was like being an ant in a Brier patch...but it was a tree instead. The tree did not move, it didn't reach out and grab me or anything just stood there...but I felt as if it was challenging me to pass. The feeling I got from that tree was unpleasant, but I can't place what I actually felt. It was enough to wake me up. After reading it, it's a bit more creepy in words then it was in REM, but it has left me somewhat foggy today.

I don't think I can decode this one and I don't think I want to try. Yet, I am still fascinated that my mind is trying to tell me something and I'm just not getting it. I think it's because my mind has very poor timing, it keeps trying while I'm asleep.

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